A Coronavirus Action Plan for B2B Sales

Information & artwork courtesy of BAIN & COMPANY

Secure Revenue

– Conduct a rapid, data-driven revenue base assessment by customer, product, channel and geography, including full pipeline reinspection
– Create an Agile team to run cross-functional sales sprints for the most critical opportunities
– Build a granular map of potential revenue, by customer and by product, to guide investment
– Convert the Agile team into a “win room” to sustain an urgent operating cadence

Tune how you deliver value

– Contact customers to demonstrate strength, partnership and availability
– Identify priority offers; tune them for value and empathy
– Reset customer expectations as needed
– Make your offers easy to digitally discover and “see-try-buy,” and launch targeted campaigns
– Seize the moment to build relationships with strategic accounts

Protect margin and optimize ROI on go-to-market costs

– Do not slash prices indiscriminately — Consider investments in your most strategic customers
– Shift sales capacity quickly, such as from new accounts to renewals and cross-selling
– Shift spending from in-person marketing/sales events to digital channels
– Match sales capacity to new market opportunities
– Shift to lower-cost coverage and channels where possible
– Zero-base capacity and investment, justifying every role and every dollar spent

Embrace technology to sell

– Equip your sales team with technology to sell remotely
– Spur customers, partners and employees to adopt off-the-shelf tools for collaboration and self-service
– Arm your sales team with the perfect virtual pitch
– Use what you’ve learned to reprioritize your digital roadmap
– Accelerate the shift from field to inside/digital sales models

Protect & grow your skilled employees

– Reassure the sales team, particularly top performers
– Double down on the basics: one-on-one coaching, pipeline management and account planning
– Create a more virtual culture with virtual norms
– Move quickly to fill talent gaps
– Reassess the employee mix you need and what “great” looks like
– Train and enable the front line in behaviors they will need to thrive in the new environment

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