We help our clients create valuable teams and sustainable revenue through our timely and relevant ILS Hot Sheet. Perfecting each transaction, we pride ourselves on being the network of up-to-date information to help our clients succeed, when they succeed it’s a win-win for everyone. Our business community continues to grow. We create the best pairings of commercial real estate buyers and sellers to promote economic development within our communities.







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Industrial Listing Services, Inc.  is a business-to-business data platform for current and available Commercial Real Estate that delivers timely and actionable updates of industrial properties, new listings, completed transactions, price adjustments and other vital industry data.  A solid footprint in Southern California has enabled ILS to serve its Commercial Real Estate CRE Industrial segment for over 25 years.

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Commercial real estate brokers are highly recommended to help you search and manage the complexity of commercial real estate lease or purchase transactions.  CONTACT US with your commercial property requirements and we will connect you with local CRE experts.

ILS publishes data that adds value to commercial real estate stakeholders. The residential sector is not in our scope.

Submit your own listings for CRE properties 3,000 SF+ with all details and images/video:

  • If you are a commercial or investment broker, investor, lender, developer or other CRE stakeholder, register at www.availablenow.com  to request a quote for the ILS Hot Sheet. The ILS Hot Sheet subscription is a monthly prepaid subscription service that also includes the ILS Weekly Investment Hot Sheets.

ILS subscriber profiles are shown with their listings on our www.availablenow.com site. If you do not have an ILS subscription, your profile will not display.  Contact us for upgrade options at info@ilssc.com or schedule a call  (add the Calendly link here)